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Go rangers go! We are heading to the play-offs again everybody!

Sam and I have been to two rangers games together in the last 2 years. Our first one was the playoff game last year that Cruz hit a GRAND SLAM! It was incredible, the stadium went crazy, it was like nothing we had ever experienced. This picture is right before it happened!! So glad we didn’t miss it.

rangers game

Our second game was this summer, my siblings got me tickets for us to go to another game and we were so pumped! All smiles!

ranger game 2

We are also both HUGE fans of Josh Hamilton, we both read his book this summer and fell in love with his amazing story and the man he has become through all of his trials throughout his life.  Josh Hamilton is actually a major contributor of the organization Arise Africa which is the same organization we went to Africa with this summer for our mission trip. We thought it was so crazy that we were working with the same organization so we took this picture of Sam in front of the Arise Africa sign to send to Josh, and just haven’t quite gotten to that yet… but it is still on the list of things we need to do! You know that never-ending list…

I can’t wait to see what Hamilton has to say when he receives this picture! And yes, of course that shirt has HAMILTON on the back! Smile

sam in africa for josh

So we are off to the play-offs once again, and I so hope that we will be able to make it to a game again. The energy of being at a playoff game is just incredible, especially when you are cheering for a team full of great guys!


Sorry for the picture overload! HA

Have a good evening y’all,