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What a very full and blessed weekend this one was! It started off with everyone including my roommate Lexi’s family, my boyfriend Sam’s mom and a friend of hers, and his cousins arriving Friday night. Then Saturday I started early with getting to see  this amazing sunrise on the way to babysit for a few hours…


It just never gets old!! Check out how still the water is!!

After babysitting I met everyone out at Port Aransas on Saturday afternoon for a perfectly hot day on the beach! It was perfect weather to be able to be out there all day long and never get too hot!

beach 4

Literally not a cloud in the sky!

The boys went to play golf at the Newport Golf Course while the rest of us went and had some appetizers and drinks in Port A followed by walking around to see the fun shops. Port A is such a fun little touristy beach town, if you ever get a chance it is defiantly worth the day trip! We all headed back to Corpus to get all clean and showered and head to dinner to end a great day, and on the way home we go to see this amazing sunset while going over the bridge!

sunset after port A

After such a wonderful day what better way to end it than with Mexican food!? We went to a fun restaurant in downtown Corpus called Dos Comales. I have been there once before but just had appetizers so I was excited to try the real food, and it was great! I couldn’t decide on what I wanted to eat so like I do most of the time I had Sam choose an entre for me to grub on for the night, and he chose right (like he always seems to do!) He decided on a chicken stuffed avocado topped with salsa, it was HUGE an it was great! I didn’t want to stop eating even though I was beyond full, there was just no way I could finish it.

sam at mex rest.

It is always a fun time when you have great friends and family with you. We spent quite a long time just drinking and eating and catching up and the time flew by!

Sunday morning everyone woke up in a great mood and with the feeling of knowing how greatly blessed we are. It was our first day of being below 80 degrees here in Corpus Christi this Fall and it was an awesome change of weather! We threw on our jackets and headed to church to witness an amazing thing…This summer Sam’s brother Matt accepted Jesus Christ into his heart for the first time and decided to get baptized this weekend!

matts babtism

It was an amazing and emotional service and just an incredible thing to be there for Matt while he let the whole church know how much Jesus means to him by being baptized!

I hope y’all all had a great weekend and have a wonderful week!